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Child Counseling


Heart-Centered Academy provides evidence-based methods and tactics that enhance cognitive function and strengthen underlying learning processes. Our programs cater to individual or small group settings and are designed to provide systematic and explicit instruction tailored to student needs.

Academic Testig
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Our testing facility provides various educational and cognitive assessments that can help identify your child's strengths and weaknesses in a comfortable and relaxed environment.


Research-based strategies and techniques are used to address each area of difficulty and emphasize foundational skills in all subject areas.  Strategies such as goal-setting, self-monitoring, and personal responsibility are emphasized. 

Middle school-aged boy in tie and blue sweater reading with female tutor, who is pointing to a word on the page
Academic Support
Child at Psychologist


Emphasis is placed on study skills, organizational skills, and time management components designed to support the development of executive functioning of the brain. 

ADHD Support

+ Consultation

Navigating and understanding your child's educational rights in the different school systems can be a challenge.  We offer consultation and advocacy for students who have an IEP or other support plans at their school.

Woman in glasses sitting at a meeting table with her hands up as in the middle of discussion
Advocacy + Consultation

A Process for Success

Our process is designed to give your child the support they need to succeed. We take a systematic approach to evaluating your child's learning needs and work with you to develop a personalized action plan.

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Working from Home


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Tablet Learning


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